Explicit Instruction: A System Blueprint for Lesson Design Guide

Explicit (sometimes referred to as systematic) instruction has been identified as a process for teaching students in a systematic and sequential manner focused on producing specific learning outcomes.

The teacher through the use of clearly stated goals guides students through lessons and objectives, ascertaining student prior knowledge, demonstrations (modeling), scaffolding, frequent student response, practice with immediate feedback, and independent practice to acquire mastery.

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Why download Designing a Lesson Blueprint Document?

  • Do your teacher follow these guidelines when designing a lesson?
  • Setting a purpose for learning
  • Telling students what to do
  • Showing them how to do it
  • Providing scaffolds while they are learning
  • Guiding their hands-on application of the new learning
  • Providing students with independent, extended, and cumulative practice to master new knowledge

Are your teachers aware of David Ausubels research?

“The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows, ascertain this and teach him accordingly.” David Ausubel

All new learning is based upon prior learning –the brain transfers information from the working memory into the long-term memory by categorizing and filing it into pre-existing files of knowledge (Marzano, 2004).

The rationale for priming background knowledge is to increase the likelihood that students will be successful on new tasks by making explicit the critical features and to motivate learners to access knowledge they have in place. It provides an opportunity to link the new skill with other related skills.

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