Creating a Classroom Level Action Plan

Our Classroom Level Action Plan will guide teacher or administrator(s) through the process of analyzing their students data to determine strengths and weaknesses.

With the Classroom Level Action Plan, a teacher can build a custom action plan that focuses on the right areas to target instruction. These plans are critical when having the recommended data summit meetings to document data analysis progress and measure changes in order to make instructional adjustments.

Included in the Classroom Level Action Plan:

  • Handout that guides the teacher through the data collection process
  • Suggested areas on where to focus data analysis
  • A short data collection process that gets the entire staff on the same page
  • A quick gude line to use duing the regular reccomended data summit meetings

This Classroom Level Action Plan will help guide your district through a complex process answering the questions:

  • What data do we analyze?
  • What instructional action is our next step once the data has been collected?

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