Common Core, Difficulty and Complexity Let’s go Deeper into Webb’s Depth of Knowledge

Although Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy has been the go-to standard for critical and creative thinking, it’s really Webb’s research on cognitive complexity that has re-oriented current thinking around teaching, learning and assessing.

The demands of the Common Core Standards have raised the bar for student achievement expectations. They require more complex thinking and challenge us to teach beyond content and build a conceptual understanding of the content areas. Join Dr. Stefan Biancaniello and Dr. Paula Calabrese to explore your Depth of Knowledge of Depth of Knowledge.

What is covered in the webinar:

  • Do I understand the various levels of complexity in Webb’s Depth of Knowledge?
  • How can I apply the complexity levels to teaching, learning and assessing?
  • What are the differences between difficulty and complexity in the learning process?
  • What does the brain research that underpins these concepts say?
  • How do I align curriculum content concepts with the Common Core?

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