A Blueprint for Building Academic Rigor

To address the new rigor demand, educators must begin to reflect on the current teaching and learning strategies and methodologies. Each should ask themselves, how can we better prepare students for the new thinking requirements of a global market place?

Deep thinking can no longer be relegated to students who excel or addressed occasionally. It is crucial for teachers to insure that the level of rigor and thinking assessed by state and national assessments and expected by colleges, the military and in employment is addressed in day-to-day teaching and learning. Students must experience the new level of rigor in practice, to successfully address it at assessment times and perhaps more importantly, in problem solving environments.

In A Blueprint for Building Academic Rigor, we look at:

  • What academic rigor is
  • Why we need greater academic rigor
  • Where and how successful reform must begin
  • The importance of assessment
  • Tools to help educators succeed in building academic rigor in their classroom


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