Organize your student information

Data Integration Challenges

Educators face the challenge of student data living in many different systems. The critical time spent searching and organizing the data should be spent analyzing the information to drive instructional changes. If your school is faced with any of challenges below, then you need a better solution.    


Student data scattered through many systems

Data living in spread sheets and forms

Manually batching and loading data files to a system

Manually building reports for staff

Our educators are not using data to drive instruction and change

How does the edInsight Student Performance Suite help?


Analyze your data in one place.
Connect data from your SIS,
state Exams, 3rd party assessments,
national assessments and more.
Integrate the data with your MTSS
program, curriculum & instruction
and formative assessment.


Provides a holistic view of
students though reports and
dashboards focused on academic
and social & emotional data.
Analyze current or historical data to
gain further insight.


Educators can easily access
content, programs and data
anytime and anywhere.


Passwords encryption protected .
SSL encryption used to protect
data transmissions. Various
physical, electronic and
procedural safeguards in place to
protect student data.