Choosing an Online Lesson Planner

Our white paper is a critical planning tool when researching Online Lesson Planners.  Contained in the document is a rational for Online Lesson Planners and the key features to look for when comparing the various choices in lesson planners.

Teachers are looking at any and all ways to shave time from their administrative burdens and return instructional minutes back to classrooms and students. Learn how Online Lesson Planning tools can help.


  • The advantages of Online Lesson Planners
  • OnLine Lesson Planning tool evaluation rubric with scoring recommendations
  • Explanation of how standards based planning should work in an online tool
  • Examples of connecting and adapting the new lesson planning technology to existing district methodology
  • Step by step explanation of how planning a lesson and scheduling a lesson are district events that should be integrated
  • The importance of how sharing and publishing of lessons should work
  • Advantages of integrating lesson planning with curriculum

This white paper will help guide your district through a complex process helping to make sure proper due diligence was done and a data informed selection was made.


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