How do you organize your student data?

As education administrators, keeping track of all of the students in your district can be a monumental task. With data coming from many different sources, having one portal that collects, analyzes and reports on the information you need to know is imperative to operate efficiently and effectively. 

edInsight, along with go.edustar, is part of the Harris Education Solutions’ portfolio of EdTech products.  They have been a staple in schools for many years, providing administrators and educators direct access to all the data they need to identify where their students are academically and behaviorally.  

The edInsight Student Performance Suite consists of: 

  • Data Dashboards and Analytics – an advanced data analytics tool that provides comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date student data to educators via an intuitive web-based interface. View academic, behavior and assessment data in a single tool providing a holistic view of all students. 
  • RTI / MTSS Software is a full-featured, web-based graphical software that makes it easy for educators to assess a need for response to intervention, identify and tier at-risk students, assign interventions, monitor progress, and report on intervention effectiveness. 

We understand how important it is to have your student data in one place to gain clarity on your students, classes, and buildings. We’re excited to offer a select number of Kansas school districts a complimentary data integration review to allow us to showcase how edInsight can support your district. Simply enter your information and we will get you scheduled.