Introducing edInsight to our go.edustar family

As a go.edustar customer, you already know the value the SIS brings to your school or district. With solutions for Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students, go.edustar provides a comprehensive framework for sharing information.

Imagine being able to enhance that information to truly deliver data driven instruction and see beyond the basic details of your students. Enter… edInsight. The edInsight Student Performance Suite is a state-of-the-art package of must-have platforms to help your students achieve their academic potential and make your in and out of classroom experience the best it can be.

The edInsight Student Performance Suite consists of:

  • Data Dashboards and Analytics  – an advanced data analytics tool that provides comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date student data to educators via an intuitive web-based interface. View academic, behavior and assessment data in a single tool providing a holistic view of all students.
  • RTI / MTSS Software – is a full-featured, web-based graphical software that makes it easy for educators to assess a need for response to intervention, identify and tier at-risk students, assign interventions, monitor progress, and report on intervention effectiveness.
  • Curriculum Management System (CMS) is a comprehensive, easy-to-use online tool for managing curriculum design and delivery through all stages of the curriculum lifecycle.
  • Lesson Planner – a web-based lesson planner that allows for creating engaging standards-aligned lessons with flexible planning, sharing and collaboration of lessons and advanced analytics to enhance instruction.
  • Assessment Builder Tool – a comprehensive assessment solution that starts with test creation and ends with result analysis. Create tests from item banks, pre-built assessments or create your own items.
  • Coaching – a needs-focused coaching program. We teach you not just how to navigate the software but how to use the information to positively impact the classroom, how to drive instruction and increase student achievement.

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